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Antequera Hotel in Malaga


A simple walk through the streets of Antequera, full of beautiful houses, monumental buildings and charming corners, is the perfect introduction to discover one of the most romantic cities in Malaga. But the beauty of the city is not only trapped within its walls, it is surrounded by evocative landscapes and dozens of ideal places to organize a romantic getaway.

With the excuse of celebrating Valentine's Day we wanted to share with you some proposals and original plans in case you want to enjoy your own romantic February.
And to start nothing better than talking about one of the most famous popular legends of the place, that of the Peña de los enamorados. This impressive rock of more than 870 meters was the place from where Tello and Tazgona jumped to escape according to legend. He was a captive Christian soldier during the struggles between the Christian kingdoms and the Nasrid kingdom of Granada, she was an Arab princess who would fall madly in love. A forbidden love for their people that led them to a final act that remembers of the romantic legends of Antequera.
From the city there are several points with very beautiful views of the Peña de los enamorados, and even the most adventurous can take a route to get to know it from up close. Next to El Torcal is one of the two natural monuments that are included in Sitio de los dólmenes de Antequeraan unique place that also integrates the dolmens of Menga and Viera and Tholos of El Romeral, three cultural monuments of singular beauty declared World Heritage of UNESCO.
Looking at the Antequera sky can also be one of the most romantic experiences, particularly if it is done from the Observatorio astronómico del Torcal. Next Saturday, the 17th it organizes the activity of Una ventana al universo, cielo profundo de invierno, while on Saturday 24 a special observation will be made dedicated to the Moon. Music can also be a good option to complete a romantic evening. Until Friday 16 there will be concerts of jazz music in the Emma room.
For all those who want to enjoy the possibilities of one of the most special months, Hotel Antequera has created the special Romantic February offer, a package that includes everything you needto live this experience with all the comforts and without haste. A perfect proposal to live with that special person.