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Antequera Hotel in Malaga


Grupo Antequera Golf has signed an agreement with Praim Hotels to boost its hotels and catering businesses by using the latest technologies in revenue management and digital marketing. The constant evolution of tourism and the demand of travelers, increasing in quality and comparative prices, make companies must be up to date in technology and trends. Antequera Golf Group, a leading company in the sector in Antequera (Málaga), has made a firm commitment to innovation and the latest technologies to bring its hotels to excellence. To this end, it has signed an agreement with Praim Hotels, a specialist in revenue management, which will implement 4 * Hotel Antequera 4 * and Hotel Convento La Magdalena 5 * new optimization systems, along with a careful Inbound Marketing strategy that will bring them At the highest both in average price, occupation and online reputation. To make the difference it is key to know the trends of the sector. In this regard, Grupo Antequera Golg and Praim Hotels will work on squeezing the potential of big data, technology improvements, new descriptive and predictive analysis methods, along with the possibilities of digital marketing tools, customer service and The diffusion of its hotel offer. Today, all experts agree on the importance of innovation in the sector, especially in Andalusia, where there is still a long way to go in order for the hotel industry to put itself at the technological and excellence level of other tourist destinations. Thus, Antequera Golf Group, aware of this, are betting on cutting-edge technology and the most innovative services in the hands of Praim Hotels, with the aim of achieving these milestones and making a difference in the region. Revenue management and online marketing The binomial is clear: Revenue management combined with the marketing strategy, all of course accompanied by a quality service and customer service, which is always what most value the visitors and that ends up translating into greater profitability. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, new business niches can be detected, squeezing the possibilities of the high seasons and reducing the ravages of casualties, knowing the prices and occupation of the competition to adapt to the offer, knowing the demand in each moment and The predictive demand to modify the tariffs to the second and to create special packages that cover the needs of the clients and even that they create those needs. All this and much more is achieved thanks to revenue management and inbound marketing, which is not only for large hotel chains, but on the contrary, are innovative techniques that can achieve significant benefits and return on investment to small and medium-sized companies in the sector . Praims Hotels offers Antequera and Antequera hotels a wide range of products and tools, such as price shoppers, market prediction tools, channel managers to modify prices simultaneously ( Cannel managers, modern management systems (PMS), online reputation management tools, etc., to monitor and analyze information and manage online reputation. With all this will make the right decisions at the right time to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. High potential in its area of ​​influence The potential of Grupo Antequera Golf in this area is exponential, since it has two large 4 and 5 star hotels in the area, as well as an 18-hole golf course, along with 3 restaurants of great reputation, being leaders in addition , In the organization of all kinds of events. All this, together with the experience and expertise of Praim Hotels, in the management of this type of establishments, will soon bring this hotel group to the top of the sector.