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Grupo Antequera Golf, a team of excellence

Antequera Hotel in Malaga

Grupo Antequera Golf, a team of excellence

For the Antequera Golf Group, one of the keys to success is to have a team of excellence. They are, after all, those who achieve their professionalism, their vocation and their desire, that each client of any of our business lines are satisfied and also, that they repeat the experience again.

We know that there is no small occupation, that each job is essential for the proper functioning of the gear of our company, therefore, every month we reward an employee for his effort, his know-how and give everything for us and our customers. In addition, annually we also make special mention to the employee of the year.

Without going any further, at the beginning of the year Noelia Acedo Ruiz received the title of employee of the year 2018 in recognition of her valuable work performance, camaraderie and excellent treatment and dedication to the client. This partner of the commercial department, like so many others, makes us feel proud of a human resources policy based on valuing the work of each one of the people with whom we form a team.

Large groups such as Antequera Golf often forget the value of the human team and the importance of treating them and assessing them as they deserve. From the most visible jobs as hotel receptionists, to those who go unnoticed as warehouse managers, all put a grain of sand that have made us a great company.

The companions of the cleaning service, reception, business management, maintenance, kitchen, gardeners, waiters, event organizers ... a large staff of which we are proud and to whom we want to continue paying tribute in this text.

Thanks to them, the clients of our restaurants the Refectorios and the golf course are gastronomic references in Antequera thanks to them. Our hotels Antequera and Convento la Magdalena are places where clients come back and recommend. Our golf course and its facilities have attracted international elite athletes and amateurs, all of them equally welcome. Thus, person to person have managed to make the Antequera Golf Group a great group.